Keith Braselton

keith-bio-new2Keith Braselton is the author of Engage Love – A New Healing Paradigm. His message is enabling people to create so much love into their lives, and gives them such clear and precise understandings about how pain is created and healed, that they are able to heal their pain and dis-ease and live extraordinarily wondrous lives! It truly is creating a new healing paradigm!

Keith is the founder of the Engage Love Company, a company that is dedicated to promoting the message of this new healing paradigm around the world. He is an international speaker, presently hosting seminars and weekly classes. He has been writing for many years and has published articles in the US and Canada.

Keith’s been studying spirituality for 34 years and Love for the last 18 years. He has been teaching and healing for 20 of these years. He works one on one with clients. His intuitive, empathic, and clairsenseate gifts enable him to feel into his clients space to bring about the most effective means of healing, do long distance sessions, and help them open to their deep seated pain and trauma.

Some of the many challenges he has helped people heal include: depression; cysts; ulcers; ocular shingles; congestive heart failure; anger and rage; broken hearts; physical and emotional wounds from sexual, childhood and relationship abuse; and deep emotional and spiritual trauma about sex, money, the devil, God, and death.

He’s been married twice, 12 years his first marriage and 11 years the second marriage. He has three grown children and a 12-year-old son Shane. Shane is one of his favorite companions, and they enjoy lots of boogie boarding, skiing, playing “airsoft” wars and Minecraft computer games together. Keith is presently enjoying a wonderful relationship with Ms. Robin Glazer.

His burning desire is to help bring peace to the world by teaching people how to focus on Love all of the time, thereby enabling them to develop their own unique powers and gifts, and in so doing, to heal the pain they have within them.

1959 until present

I was born in Georgia in 1959, and during the first ten years of my life my parents moved us to six different states: Florida, Georgia, Washington D.C., Florida, Texas, and California. As a child, new places, new people and new experiences were my normal. As a young adult, I lived all around the San Francisco Bay Area but for the past 33 years I’ve called Fairfield, California home.

I have been married twice and am the proud father of four children. In my first marriage of 12 years, I had three children, boy, girl, boy. In my second marriage of 11 years, I had another boy. I am presently enjoying the fullness of being single and sharing the custody of my son. For the last 33 years, the financial portions of my life have been primarily provided by literally painting my world. I am a Color Consultant, Faux Artist, and High Quality Painting Contractor. What I love most about the work is the dramatic change that the right colors can evoke when properly selected and applied. My painting business has allowed me creative expression while providing my livelihood.

My interests include reading, studying and learning, but when I’m playing, you might find me, hiking, snow or water skiing, rock climbing, boogie boarding, playing Frisbee, Frisbee golf, street hockey, racquet ball, or volley ball, dancing, lots of dancing and just having fun. By any standard life is short, so I recommend fun!

Throughout my life there have been powerful spiritual experiences that have served to awaken me and bring me closer to what I call my God Self, the part of God that I carry inside and reflect to the world.

At the age of nine, I felt a calling and took Jesus into my heart. It was a deep movement in which my heart and soul were filled with radiant love. It felt as if the heavens poured The Love of All That Is into my heart and allowed me, briefly, to feel it. I was fundamentally changed and I feel it endowed me with the gift of compassion.

From the ages of fourteen to nineteen I was totally into drugs, all kinds of drugs. It started out with beer, then alcohol, then pot, speed, acid, and then every kind of drug you can think of besides heroin and opium. I never came across those two. I dealt drugs from ages 16 to 19 and decided to stop doing drugs altogether at 19 because it wasn’t fun anymore.

While hiking when I was seventeen, I was caught in a freak snow storm without adequate clothing and actually froze to death. I had the complete death experience and again felt Unlimited Love pour down upon me. I awoke just as I was going into the light, feeling more love than I had ever experienced before. Upon awakening I found my body completely warmed while in the middle of the blizzard, and I recovered. My first thought was “I guess there must be some reason for me to stay alive!” I knew I would never again fear death, because the experience was actually so beautiful!

So at the age of 19, I went from being a drug addict to becoming a responsible father. I learned how to paint and developed a business, I found my guru and became a very spiritual person. I learned how to meditate and actively meditated everyday for at least an hour a day while raising the three children, running a painting business, being a husband and developing an invention. I read over a hundred books about spirituality before I was twenty five. I have never slept much because I have been so driven.

I’ve had chronic pain for the past twenty-five years, though at this point it’s almost completely gone. The way this came about is a very long story, but to put it as simply as possible, for ten years I misused the tool of Shining. When I learned Shining from my teacher I was twenty-six, and when he showed me how it worked, I knew that it could change the world as we know it. Back then, I called it Generating. I mastered it by the time I was 28 and used it for ten years. I would wake up generating, generate all day long and go to sleep generating.

I started feeling a lot of pain after the second year. My teacher told me I was burning Karma, and I believed that once I had burned all my Karma I would become totally Enlightened, so I generated more and more every day.

When I was 29, I accidentally created a fire bomb while spraying a volatile primer and burned 33% of my upper body. I had to endure two shin graph operations that were more painful than the burn. After the fire, I was in excruciating pain all the time, and I was exhausted all the time. I went through a bout of Lymphatic Cancer, Mononucleosis and my first hernia. By time I was thirty-eight, I was almost brain-dead. I had almost no short-term memory, especially for remembering names or important words.

One day I was listening to Tony Robbins’ “Thirty Days to Abundance” CDs, and on the seventh day he taught about the power of the Loving Smile. In that moment, I came to understand that for all those years, I had been Generating with my heart closed. I wasn’t burning Karma; I was literally making pain for myself! I had filled my life with more pain than I could ever imagine a human would have to endure. And when I heard Tony talk about the Loving Smile, I realized that the only way out of my predicament was to smile my way out. So for the next fifteen years I endured. I was exhausted all the time. I had migraines that were so violent that I would throw up for hours at a time. I had pain move throughout my body at random all the time.

So for the past fifteen years, I have endured, learned and mastered what I have written.

For the past two years, I have been doing the work of healing my Love Reversals. My body is becoming stronger and much more sensitive. I am having feelings of Love come over me that are so powerful and in ways I have never heard of before.  I have more energy throughout my days and need less sleep. I have a wonderful healthy relationship with my guides. I rarely get triggered by much of anything and when I do it only takes moments to find what has not yet been healed and go to work on understanding it. I have so much to be grateful for and feel so blessed almost all the time! And I am having sooooooooo much fun with my life, with my lover and best friend Robin, with Shane, and the handful of people who are my friends!

The pool of friends is growing as I reach out to teach Engage Love. I Love watching and helping people grow into themselves, discover the wonder that is all around and within them. I have one of the best jobs on the planet, teaching people to become playful in all areas of their lives.

If what I am doing resonates with you, please join me in helping spread the word all around the world. Every person brings gifts if they choose to grow into them and we need all of them, every single one!

“Thank you for taking the time to read this and blessings to you on your path! May you become and acquire all you have ever dreamed of!”



God is Love.
He is Love created,
She is Love creating
All that is,
The source.

I sat to meet with God.
I silenced my mind and opened my heart.

In a moment of time
I felt the eminence pour down upon me
All around me and from within me.
The forms unlimited
dwarfed me in this sea of life.
I felt as if I were smaller than an atom
being hugged from all around.
The Love
So much Love!
I could not believe how much was coming from inside!

I opened myself to take into my being all that I could.
I was filled to the brim in a heartbeat
Feeling myself radiant
with strength, with power,
with passion.
The beauty,
beaming from the essence of my soul.

As I sat there in the aftermath of the meeting
I began to move my mind to those who are close to me.
Feeling the power and the Love
I yearned to share,
To give of myself completely.
To Mother God, to Father,
I moved my opulent heart,
To my Love,
To my children,
To you.

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