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This is a miraculous day for me because I believe with all my heart that I have helped a man, Jeff, heal from prostate cancer using the Engage Love Healing Process. Is he really healed? This is a question only you can answer for yourself after you have read about our healing journey together:

Seven years ago, Jeff was told that he had Prostate Cancer. A blood test, Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) suggested and then a biopsy confirmed the presence of cancer. After five months of trying to heal through holistic means, he allowed the doctors to remove his prostate and gave him radiation treatments in an attempt to cure the cancer. Two years ago, through a routine test, Jeff found that his PSA count was over 40 when it should be below 1.

When he came to me for healing help, he was worried that he was going to die of cancer. Although I had never worked with a cancer patient before, I told him that the process to heal any disease was the same, and I was confident I could help him learn to heal himself. Within a few weeks of working together, we found that he had a very debilitating belief that women did not find him attractive or worthy of their love. This belief badgered him every day! Once he found the trauma that started the belief and he realized it wasn’t true, he realized that he was not only an attractive man, but a beautiful man with a lot to offer any woman! He started carrying himself differently, stronger, and confidently with love and honor, and his life started changing.

The ironic thing about his situation was that he had a business of helping people find their true mates and he himself had not been able to find his true mate. Jeff had this one woman whom he loved, honored and respected above all others and in fact measured all other women by her. About three months after we started working together, this woman called him up and asked him when he was going to come see her. He thought for a minute and then answered, ”How about now?” She lived in South America. He went for a visit and they fell in love.

So now he has picked up and moved down to South America to live with her, he’s teaching English down there, making more money than he has in years, and he is loving his life!

One of the things that complicated Jeff’s progress all throughout our healing relationship, was that his PSA count had been going up and up and up. After the first two months of us working together, I have not felt any cancer in his body. He had two other spiritual healers tell him the same thing, yet his PSA has risen to over 1600. This completely stumped his doctors. Usually when a person’s PSA goes over 600, they have grave symptoms and soon die. He has taken every kind of test he can take, bone scans, cat scans, blood test, x-rays and all of them found no cancer whatsoever. And he has had no symptoms whatsoever.

What his guides have suggested to us is that his antigens have become loving and positive instead of cancerous, but we have no way of testing it at this time. This is a similar concept to the look and shape of loving water crystals verses unloving water crystals. And we are actively looking for scientists that might help us find an answer to this quandary!

So in Jeff’s words, “As for prostate cancer, I am no longer worried about it. I feel great, have no symptoms and am certain that I never will.”

So what follows is Jeff’s testimonial:

“Keith Braselton is the most effective healer I have ever worked with.

I went to see Keith seeking treatment for prostate cancer. I had been trying to overcome prostate cancer for more than six years without success. While I had never been symptomatic, biopsies both before and after surgery confirmed the presence of cancer. Following surgery and radiation, blood tests (PSA) indicated that I was “cancer free.” However, three years after the radiation, my PSA levels were rising rapidly. According to western doctors, the cancer was again active. However, they had no “cure” left to offer me, only hormone suppression medication which might slow the progress of the disease although at great cost to my quality of life.

Through my journey toward healing, I had come to recognize that having prostate cancer was related to traumatic experiences in my childhood which I had repressed and transformed into potent, debilitating beliefs and negative feelings. Despite intense and sustained efforts to heal through a variety of modalities, I continued to be plagued by several persistent self-limiting beliefs and feelings.

Then I started working with Keith on these feelings and beliefs one by one. Where I had only achieved incremental progress in the past, with Keith, I was amazed by startling, immediate and complete breakthroughs, one after another, on each and every one of those long-standing negative patterns. Keith had told me that through his techniques, I would be freed of these phantoms, such that after the healing, it would be difficult even to remember what they were. He was right. Self-attacking feelings that had dogged me for more than thirty years were simply not there anymore.

The many ways in which I repressed myself, judged myself, hurt and punished myself are just GONE. Furthermore, my life is totally transformed. I have moved to Colombia, a land I adore. Being freed of those self-limiting fears and beliefs, I was able to create a loving, committed relationship with my greatest love who had moved back to Medellin a couple of year ago. I have financial abundance that eluded me for four years, and as for prostate cancer, I am no longer worried about it. I feel great, have no symptoms and am certain that I never will.”

I am grateful for Jeff’s testimonial! It has been a dream of mine to work with someone with cancer because I have always known in my heart that the Engage Love Healing Process not only would work for people with cancer, but like Jeff, help them transform their lives. Now I can add cancer to the long list of diseases, ailments and challenges I have already helped people heal.

After Jeff sent me his testimonial, I still had one more question for him and so I will present the question and his answer to you here.

Do you believe you are healed?

“Your work has helped me to heal in so many huge and important ways. I am very much healed from the many self-limiting and destructive beliefs that I carried with me for all of my adult life.

As for cancer, I have no way of knowing whether I am cured or not. I don´t know now and may never know what is the meaning of the rising PSA. Your idea, that my rising PSA is because the antigens have become loving, and are actually protecting me, is a lovely idea, but one that is not in any way supported by science. Another explanation, the one which the doctors stand by, is that the rising PSA indicates active cancer and that cancer is often a silent disease until the day it becomes symptomatic, ultimately leading to death.

I choose to reject this prognosis. I believe that my body knows how to keep me healthy, is keeping me healthy now, and that I will never become symptomatic, rising PSA or not.

Of all the things I have learned from my dance with cancer, the most important lesson is that healing is a journey that leads to freedom and to the embrace of life. The fact is, we will all die. Healing is not about preventing death; healing is about becoming fully alive!”


Jeff’s story is helping me help people come to understand that the Engage Love Healing Process is really creating A New Healing Paradigm!

The Engage Love Healing Process is helping people heal by helping them understand the nature of pain itself. All unloving emotions are a type of pain. Fear is pain. Hatred is pain. Anger, greed, jealousy, boredom, all unloving emotions are a type of pain. If you allow yourself to feel any of these unloving emotions for even a few moments, you will be able to feel where the pain shows up in your body. All of our unloving emotions are controlled by our beliefs. Whenever you are moving through your day and you happen upon an experience that triggers one of your unloving beliefs, you will experience the pain of that unloving emotion, often times, many times a day! This is how all disease, pain and accidents are created, by us acting and reacting in unloving ways. Germs, diseases, cancers and pain in its endless ways of showing up are simply byproducts of unloving actions and reactions.

Like Jeff and the many other clients that have learned to understand the Engage Love Healing Process, they are not only healing their diseases and challenges, but they are transforming their lives. Here is a small list of some of the diseases and challenges I have helped people heal: Heartbreak, Depression, Cyst, Ocular Shingles, Congestive Heart Failure, Sleep, Money, Hip, Digestive, and Time Challenges, Sense of Dread, Migraines, compulsively feeling like a victim and more…

And here are some questions you might ask yourself. Is your life all that you wish it could be? Are you having a hard time with relationships? Did you know you could heal disease without surgery or drugs?

If this resonates with you, come and join us. Come and learn how to add love into your life, more and more every day. Come and learn how to transform your life through love by being in love with every moment of your life! I promise you it will be the most powerful and excellent adventure of your life!

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