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An Extraordinary Healing Breakthrough

We call it “Release”!

About six months ago, I was working with a couple that were in their mid-sixties. They had so many different medical, mental and emotional challenges that in attempting to use the Engage Love Healing Process to help them, I became concerned that they were just not able to make much progress. There were so many overlapping unloving beliefs and their beliefs were so ingrained, that they were constantly triggered by their everyday life habits throughout most of their days. It was hard for them to come up for air, so to speak!

I’d been working with them for about two months, and I felt they were having a hard time with their progress. They were trying to do their homework, which was Love Time, and Stages Two and Three of the Engage Love Healing Process, but finding it very difficult because they were constantly triggered by many different beliefs and the constant pain of their actions and ailments.

I was going over their charts and in a moment of frustration I went to my guides and pleaded with them to please give me a better more efficient way to help my clients. And this is what they told me!

“Have your clients go into their initial pain and then do a TIPI Release (TIPI – Technique for the Identification of Unconscious Fears. The TIPI Release was discovered by Luc Nicon, a French behavioral expert), or a Somatic Release.” (When we first started working with the Release we thought it was TIPI. It starts out the same way TIPI does. But after about a month, we realized it is more like a Somatic Release because the Release can go on for ten, thirty, fifty minutes!)

The experience of the first client that I tried the Release on was amazing! I explained how to do the Release. We used VAI (Voice Activated Integration) to take her back to an original trauma. As soon as she felt into the trauma and I could see she was in the trauma experience, I said “TIPI” (Release) and she stopped thinking and just felt the energies and reactions her body was experiencing. I kept telling her, “Don’t think, just feel…. Don’t think, just feel.” Her body started shaking and going through mild convulsions, her arms started moving in different directions, at one point her legs started moving in a way that looked like she was trying to run lying down. After about ten minutes of different sounds coming out of her mouth, and guttural sounds and lots of movement, she just stopped! She looked up at me and said, “What the hell was that?” All of the movement and sounds she was experiencing was the pain releasing out of her body!

I smiled and asked her to sit up and get in her Goddess self. (Open her heart big by smiling and sitting strong.) I asked her, “How do you feel?” She thought for a moment and she said, ”Lighter, I feel like something has left me.” Then she told me that that was really strange. She said, “I don’t want to do that again. How do we know that this is working?” I told her to go back to the trauma and feel into it. Do you feel triggered? She went back to the trauma and she started giggling. She said “It’s gone! It’s just gone!”

This giggling has happened with almost every client that has experienced the Release. When they go back and try to experience the pain that the trauma caused, it is completely gone!

I have been working with clients for over twenty years and I have never seen progress like we are making with the Release. It is powerful! It is enabling my clients to do Stages Two and Three much easier! The results are astounding!

I have been a painting contractor all my adult life. I have been processing most of my adult life, trying to heal all of my fears and frustrations about painting and trying to make money. I have helped lots of other people learn how to overcome their fears, but I was not able to heal my own fear of spraying paint, something I do all the time. After using the Release on myself, for the first time in my life, I was able to spray paint with no fear! To me that felt like a miracle! I feel so blessed!

One of my clients has been terrified for people to see her work. We found that the reason for her fear is because she is daunted by past life experiences of being tortured and killed for having her beautiful gifts of inner vision, her psychic abilities, and branded a witch. After doing a few Releases, she was approached by two people in the next three days, both asking her to do her spiritual work for them, one a paying client and the other, offering space for her to teach at her facility!

The Release is so powerful that I am going to be writing a chapter or two about it, adding it to the Engage Love Healing Process, and creating a revised addition of my book Engage Love – A New Healing Paradigm.

Until that time, if you are interested in learning more about the Release, please come join us at our next seven week series called “Unleash Your Creative Potential Through Love”. The free Intro class will be taught on Thursday, August 20 at Rudramandir in Berkeley, from 7 to 8:30. And the seven week series will start on the following Thursday, August 27, same time, same place. The Intro and the first class of the series will be almost identical classes which will enable you to have two opportunities to see what we’re doing and to bring friends!

If you are a health practitioner, learning about the Release and the Engage Love Healing Process can be invaluable to you and your clients!

You can sign up for classes and buy the book at

Keith Braselton

Keith Braselton is the author of Engage Love – A New Healing Paradigm, and the owner of Engage Love Co. You can find out more information about him and his writing at

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