Newsletter: May 2017

Dear Friends,

ep-bookcoverOur Creator is telling me her story and I am her scribe.

It is a new book called:
The Earth Project –
The Creator’s Story,
By The Creator

I started writing this book six years ago and it was just called The Earth Project. I actually wrote it along with Engage Love – A New Healing Paradigm but my editors said I should split the book in two, and so I published Engage Love. Three months ago, spirit moved me to finish the book and a week into writing it, our Creator came through and started telling me her story. I call her Doni. You can call her/him whatever you like. I have learned so much these last two months. I’ve been learning about how the Earth came to be and what that can mean for all of us. It is so enlightening!

She is telling us how Free Will and Pain came to be! It is an amazing story!

Click here to download the intro, the first chapter and a taste of the second chapter. If you would like to receive the subsequent chapters as they come out, you can pre-purchase the book for $10. Click the PayPal button below.


I would love to hear your thoughts and feelings about this story. If you love it, please share this with your friends.



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