Newsletter: May 2017

Dear Friends,

ep-bookcoverOur Creator is telling me her story and I am her scribe.

It is a new book called:
The Earth Project –
The Creator’s Story,
By The Creator

I started writing this book six years ago and it was just called The Earth Project. I actually wrote it along with Engage Love – A New Healing Paradigm but my editors said I should split the book in two, and so I published Engage Love. Three months ago, spirit moved me to finish the book and a week into writing it, our Creator came through and started telling me her story. I call her Doni. You can call her/him whatever you like. I have learned so much these last two months. I’ve been learning about how the Earth came to be and what that can mean for all of us. It is so enlightening!

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Newsletter: February 2017

Hello Friends,

Awake My SoulWould you be willing to help me? I am looking for people to give me feedback about my newest adventure. I am rewriting my book Engage Love – A New Healing Paradigm. A new title, sub-title, a new introduction and lots of new information. What I am asking for is for you to look over the new book idea and read the first chapter and tell me what you think.

  • Do you like the title?
  • Do you like the sub-title?
  • Do you like the way the book looks?
  • Would you be interested in buying it just from the way it looks?

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Newsletter: January 2017

add - L O V E T I M E scateboard

What a start to this New Year!

We’ve had some wondrous progress!


add - pic - running heart little guyIn less than two months we have friended and been befriended by over 4000 friends on Facebook. My amazing marketing expert, Giselle Bisson, created a new group for me on Facebook called "Learning to Love Myself", six weeks ago and now we have over 1700 members. We have almost 900 followers on Twitter! Instagram and Meet Up are starting to grow and what this all amounts to is that Engage Love is starting to make a difference in people’s lives all around the world. This has always been my dream of dreams!

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Newsletter: July 2016


Engage Love Ten Week Series Starts September 8

August will be a busy month for Engage Love. I’m teaching two Intro Presentations and an Engage Love Day Long Workshop. These Intros and Workshop are provided for those who think they might be interested in taking the Engage Love Ten Week Series and want to see and experience what we will be learning about.

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Newsletter #2: February 2016

An Intro and the First Class!

I’m teaching an Intro Presentation which is also the First Class of the Twelve Week Series that starts on Sunday, March 6 from 1:00 to 3:00 at Unity In Marin.

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Newsletter: February 2016

Our Next Intro!

I’m teaching an Intro Presentation on Sunday, February 21 from 1:00 to 2:30 at the Unity In Marin for the Twelve Week Series that starts on March 6, 2016.

Unity In Marin is a spiritual community at 680 Palm Dr., Novato, and they have excepted my proposal to teach a Twelve Week Series there starting March 6, called Engage Love – A New Healing Paradigm. We are so excited! Our goal is to establish Unity In Marinbook-cover-single as the home for Engage Love and to help develop one of the most Loving communities ever!

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Newsletter: January 2016


For the past three months I have been working with Producer Angela Atkinson to create my first video – A Look Into Engage Love. Here it is:


The Short Story:
Robin and I have joined Unity In Marin, a spiritual community in Novato, and they have accepted my proposal to teach a Twelve Week Series there starting March 6, 2016 called Engage Love – A New Healing Paradigm. We are so excited! Our goal is to help develop one of the most Loving communities ever!
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Newsletter: August 2015

An Extraordinary Healing Breakthrough

We call it “Release”!

About six months ago, I was working with a couple that were in their mid-sixties. They had so many different medical, mental and emotional challenges that in attempting to use the Engage Love Healing Process to help them, I became concerned that they were just not able to make much progress. There were so many overlapping unloving beliefs and their beliefs were so ingrained, that they were constantly triggered by their everyday life habits throughout most of their days. It was hard for them to come up for air, so to speak!

I’d been working with them for about two months, and I felt they were having a hard time with their progress. They were trying to do their homework, which was Love Time, and Stages Two and Three of the Engage Love Healing Process, but finding it very difficult because they were constantly triggered by many different beliefs and the constant pain of their actions and ailments.

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Jeff’s Story

This is a miraculous day for me because I believe with all my heart that I have helped a man, Jeff, heal from prostate cancer using the Engage Love Healing Process. Is he really healed? This is a question only you can answer for yourself after you have read about our healing journey together:

Seven years ago, Jeff was told that he had Prostate Cancer. A blood test, Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) suggested and then a biopsy confirmed the presence of cancer. After five months of trying to heal through holistic means, he allowed the doctors to remove his prostate and gave him radiation treatments in an attempt to cure the cancer. Two years ago, through a routine test, Jeff found that his PSA count was over 40 when it should be below 1.

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Newsletter: July 2015

Is your life all that you wish it could be?
Are you having a hard time with relationships?
Did you know you could heal disease without surgery or drugs?

Change your life through growing in Love

This is the way to unleash your creative potential. By unleashing and developing your creative potential, you will be able to make your life extraordinary, cultivate beautiful relationships, and heal all the pain and disease you have within you. The Engage Love Healing Process is really creating A New Healing Paradigm. By understanding how unhealthy relationships and disease is created and then how to heal your relationships and disease, you put yourself in the position to grow in love more and more every day. We provide the understanding and the tools and this gives you the choice, the opportunity to create a new and powerful life for yourself.

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