“The Engage Love class, formulated by Keith Braselton, is like no other that I have yet experienced. Engage Love is far from being just another self-help protocol. Keith within decades of soul searching, exposed himself to numerous self-help approaches. He came to realize in time, many of these approaches were devoid of one key element; that being the energy of the heart; in other words Love. He realized, we can all meditate till the cows come home. But if our hearts are closed, the benefits will be vastly diminished and even possibly reversed.

Though it may sound trivial, possibly inconsequential, Keith has discovered the profound healing power inherent within our ability to Smile, which obviously requires an open heart. The conscious ability to Smile on a regular basis is only one of a wealth of tools Keith teaches, empowering us to heal many of our past personal and collective traumas stemming from untrue beliefs.

In a word, Keith’s work is groundbreaking, it is paradigm shifting! And it is loads of fun! Keith is authentic, warm, compassionate, funny as heck and humble. I have repeated the classes with Keith for a number of reasons. What he teaches takes time…since it involves having to unravel a lifetime of unloving beliefs. It is indeed a process promising life changing results. Individuals in the classes become your family. You cannot help but learn from one another.

After experiencing Keith’s classes, I would perhaps coin the name to “Waking up to Love”.  Love is indeed powerful medicine. Keith’s Engage Love classes provide numerous pragmatic and fun tools to ignite your life to its fullest potential. Now is the time to heal and realize your dreams…for you…and for our world! See you in class!”

With Love and Gratitude,
– Gloria

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